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5S Quality Improvement

This can be done with 5S workplace organisation. Originating from the Japanese car industry, 5S workplace organisation is by now considered globally the major basis for professional production; from a streamlined work environment to an effective process and production safety. The direct result: lower costs, increased efficiency, a better product and a motivated staff. 5S workplace organisation lays the foundation for team work, standardization and discipline – and thereby, for further improvements, in your organization as well!

Get in the footsteps of companies like Heineken, Nestlé, FrieslandCampina which have succesfully implemented the 5S program through this training method!

5S Online video training and certification program

  5S video training E-learning

Video training per step

For each step a specific training video, with "how-to" details to put theory into practise
  5S workplace organisation manual

Manual and assignments per step

Including "how-to" information, checklists and real life examples for each of the steps:
1. Introduction
2. Workplace Analysis
3. Sorting
4. Setting in Order
5. Shining
6. Standardising
7. Stimulating and Sustaining

Special attention is paid to the implementation: preparation, team formation, lean leadership etc.
  5S online test

5S Online Test

includings everybody's role and behaviour
  5S certificate

Test Certificate

The test certificate is granted with a score of 80% or higher. An excellent way to show recognition!

5S Workplace Organisation

The 5S workplace organisation method is a structured program to implement workplace organisation and standardisation. 5S improves safety, work efficiency, productivity and ownership. And a well organised workplace motivates people.

The programme is called 5S, since all steps start with an "S".

Sorting deals with the contents of a workplace, and removes all items that are not needed there.

Setting in Order refers to "a place for everything, and everything in its place" to enable easy acces to needed items.

Shining refers not just to cleaning, but to "being proud" about the way the workplace is organised.

Standardising refers to having standards that everyone has to adhere to. Visual management is an important aspect to facilitate easy undersanding of these standards.

Sustaining refers to training of all employees and communication to all employees to ensure 5S application.

The 5S management program facilitates an excellent performance:

Safety: a well organised and orderly workplace is a safer workplace. 5S activities remove clutter, visual indicators alarm people for hazardous situations.

Improving production efficiency: 5S supports a smooth production process in various ways. Searching for tools is eliminated, flow principles are applied, tools storage is done where they are needed most. Location indicators visualise how things have been organised, and non conformaties are seen at once.

Quality improvement: Daily activities like inspection help to keep the production process in the right condition. Defects are prevented, because deviations are spotted before they result into defects.

Controlling your workplace: 5S helps to control the workplace by:
  • determining what is needed, and where it is needed.
  • defining the appropriate location for tools and other materials.
  • maintaining these standards.
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