What is 5S?


The 5S Method is a structured program to implement work place organization and standardization. The method increases the involvement and the commitment of all employees and leads to considerable reduction in costs and an increase in (product and process) quality.


Analysis and optimisation

5S ensures an improvement in qualities by taking five steps: Sorting to remove unnecessary or wrongly placed items, Setting in Order for an optimal way of categorizing, Shining for easier and safer work, Standardizing for clear agreements and Stimulating for consciousness-raising and support from your staff.


The results

Because the employees themselves get the responsibility for the implementation of 5S, a noticeable enthusiasm and involvement ensues, en further improvements become possible. Usually, the results surpass the expectations:

  • a higher quality product (less variation, better compliance)
  • motivated staff (lower sickness absence, less changes in staff and increased commitment and enthusiasm)
  • increase in security (no more searching, waiting and unnecessary walks)
  • efficiency and cost reduction (better uptime of machinery and less rejects)


5S training pakket

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