A quick start with the 5S training program


The 5S Method encourages the employees to participate actively. Our 5S training program supplies them with the right tools.


Practical and familiar

Our 5S training program is a user-friendly instrument that helps to convey the method to the employees. The program includes seven online training videos, a box containing a tailor-made trainer’s manual and a set of 5S Red Labels. In the training videos the entire process is explained by means of familiar situations in the day-to-day practice. The red labels are used to highlight undesirable situations. This results in a clean and clear working environment where people accept their responsibility and there is much less need for searching and walking around.



The 5S training program is suitable for multinational as well as medium-sized companies. Practise has shown that our program quickly makes people enthusiastic because a well-organized and practical working environment is highly motivating. You save costs because your staff loses much less time doing things that actually have no relation to their tasks. That means pure profit! This way, your investment will be returned in a matter of months!


This training method is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic and Dutch.


5S training pakket

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